# About

As mentioned on the home page as well in the introduction, this place is my personal notebook und bookmark collection about anything related to maps, cartography and web map development. This is highly subjective information, partly professionally researched as part of my master thesis, partly just collecting URLs as bookmarks. The content is interpreted and collaborated by me and I do not guarantee the correctness of everything but I do my best.

Found a mistake?

Something is not right or I go something wrong? Let me know straight away, I am happy for guidance and love to learn. Contact on GitHub/LauraLouu (opens new window).

# Person

The person behind this is a cartographer and passionate map lover.

# Origin of Name

Cartosquad is originally the name given by an amazing person to a group of cartography students. We were the 6th intake of the Cartography M.Sc. Erasmus programme (opens new window) and spent 2 years together, one semester each in Munich, Vienna and Dresden as well the last for writing our thesis. For me personally, it was the best studying experience and got to know a lot of amazing people from all around the world. I am thankful for this experience and count myself lucky to have been part of the #CARTOSQUAD16.

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