# Societies, Associations & Communities

# International Societies and Communities

International Cartographic Association (opens new window)
The ICA brings together most of the national cartographic societies you see listed below. The association promotes cartograhic professionalism and GIScience disciplines. Research being a huge priority, many sectors are supported by universities and educational institutions.

Society of Cartographers (opens new window)
SOK is an open and supporting community to exchange techniques, offer support and improve skills.

Women in GIS (opens new window)

# National Societies

Name Nationality
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartographie e.V. (opens new window) Germany
Croatian Cartographic Society (opens new window) Croatia
Comite Francais de Cartographie (opens new window) France
Centro Argentino de Cartografia (opens new window) Argentina
Cartographic Society of Finland (opens new window) Finland
British Cartographic Society United Kingdom of Great Britain
Indian National Cartographic Association (opens new window) India
Canadian Cartographic Association (opens new window) Canada
Hellenic Cartographic Society (opens new window) Greece
Kartografiska (opens new window) Sweden
Sociedade Brasileira de Cartografia, Geodésia, Fotogrametria e Sensoriamento Remoto (opens new window) Brazil
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kartografie SGK (opens new window) Switzerland
New Zealand artographic Society Inc (opens new window) New Zealand
North American Cartographic Information Society (opens new window) USA
Österreichische Kartographische Kommission (opens new window) Austria
Bulgarian Cartographic Association (opens new window) Bulgaria
Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartography China
Grupo Empresial GeoCuba Cuba
Czech Cartographic Society (opens new window) Czech Republic
Geoforum Danmark (opens new window) Denmark
Estonian Geoinformatics Society Estonia
Hungarian Society of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing (opens new window) Hungaria
Indonesian Geospatial Information Agency Indonesia
Israeli Society for Cartography and GIS (opens new window) Israel
Associazione Italiana di Cartografia (opens new window) Italia
National Committee for Cartography Japan
Korean Cartographic Association South Korea
Lithuanian Cartographic Society Lithuania
Association of Geodesists of Montenegro, Branch of Cartography Montenegro
Agence Nationale de la Conservation Foncière du Cadastre et de la Cartographie (ANCFCC) Marocco
Centro Nacional de Cartografia e Teledetecção (CENACARTA) Mozambique
Geo-Informatie Nederland (opens new window) The Netherlands
Nigerian Cartographic Association Nigeria
GeoForum (opens new window) Norway
Asociația Română de Cartografie (opens new window) Romania
Cartographic Society of the Slovak Republic (opens new window) Slovakia
Sociedad Española de Cartografía, Fotogrametría y Teledetección Spain

# Code for

People coming together to develop apps, use open data and show initiative to collaborate for a better society and sustainable data usage.

# Online Communities

Cartographer's Guild (opens new window)
The forum was launched for map enthusiasts to discuss, share and appreciate the diverse cartography aspects.

# Reddit

Reddit is a huge platform for discussion, web content and social news. There are subreddits dedicated to any imaginable and unimaginable topic and prooved to be a reliable source for tips and discussion!

r/cartograhy (opens new window)
A forum for anyone asking questions and discussing content related to cartography.

r/gis (opens new window)
Often used for technical advice there are also discussion to news, jobs and more.

r/mapporn (opens new window)
A collection of beautiful maps found on the internet.

r/mapswithoutnewzealand (opens new window)
It's unbelievable how many maps forget to include NZ! Here is a collection of the worst.

r/mapmaking (opens new window) & r/imaginarymaps (opens new window)
More focusing on fantasy these are platforms to post your content of fictional maps you created or discuss techniques.

# Slack

Slack provides private chat rooms with many interesting features to communicate, work together and have discussions either in topic dedicated channels or via DM to other users.

The Spatial Community (opens new window)
Members from diverse spatial related background all found in one place. The Slack offers developers, GIS experts, hobbyists and map enthusiasts a platform to discuss so many things!

Spatial Awareness (opens new window)
Coming from an interesting newsletter, a community shares their findings of map related content which then Robin Hawkes puts together. In every issue a link is given to the Slack of Spatial Awareness.

Women in Geospatial+ (opens new window)

# Discord



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