# Introduction

Welcome to my personal notebook with everything about cartography and maps!

While being active as a cartographer and studying cartography many interesting resources, blogs, tools and guides have been found which this collection consists of. While keeping it clear, it is hard to not loose overview so that I created this documentation. It is mostly filled with external links to further sites to find information and assets but also serves as a documentation or note pad for techniques and principles regarding map visualizations and development.

The content is collaborated through scientific research (having a Master's degree in Cartography certainly set the stone), shared content by communities and own research. Every extern source is linked back to give credit to the content creator.


I DO NOT guarantee the correctness of the content, as it is my personal research and interpretation of the information. Feel free to contact me for tips, feedback & critique, or missing information at GitHub/LauraLouu (opens new window). ✌️

# What you can find

As seen in the sidebar to the left there are various chapters dedicated to the different topics regarding map making and geo data.

# Cartography Guides

Here are information collected that is basic knowledge but important to not forget when making maps. Color combinations, font pairings, the selection of projections and data visualisations are introduced and illustrated. Last a collaboration of other resources offering tips and guides is given.

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# Tools & Software

There are so many softwares and applications out there, specifically designed to support your task! From Desktop GIS to online data converter services.

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The map gallery is a collection of my favourite maps highlighting what I like about it and of course linking the author. So as this is highly subjective I love to discover all sorts of maps.

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# Cartography Media

The world is full of information and people passionate about geospatial data and map making. While compiling different notes of blogs, books, etc. I stumbled into a rabbit hole. So many projects, so much information.

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# Societies & Communities

Want to connect to like-minded people or chat about your favourite topic? Apart from national associations there are many online communities where everybody can get in touch with map lovers and GIS enthusiasts.

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