# Map Gallery

There are so many unbelievably good maps ans original ideas illustrated amazingly that it is hardly possible to collaborate everything. Following is the beginning of my collection I gathered over the years through research, social media, and forums.

# Interactive Web Maps

I could spend hours clicking through these maps (and I did!). They are an educating entertainment and can bring across a strong message. At this point only few bookmarks have been incorporated but the list is going to be updated continuously.

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# Static Maps and Illustration

My great passion belongs to the traditional static maps you can find on the internet, in magazines and newspaper, in research, and travel guides. Every map in this list inspired and fascinated me. Maybe they do the same to you!

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# Artistic Maps

In this category I collected visualizations that have to do with maps and cartography but are not maps in the proper sense. Original and fantastic ideas have been realized by some creative minds.

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